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200 HR Divine Yoga Teacher Training

A 4 Month Immersion into the Transformative Practice of Yoga.

Do Your Practice
and all is coming…

~ Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

Are you interested in diving deeper into your personal practice of yoga?


Do you seek to make a greater impact in your communities through the building of self awareness, courage, and the freedom to express your most authentic truth?


Do you wish to share the ways in which yoga has transformed your life as a yoga instructor?


Do you seek to grow community with individuals who are also on the spiritual path?


Do you wish to better understand the intelligence of the body  and the ways in which our experiences shape our inner landscape/the way we feel?


Do you wish to discover your Why & divine purpose?



...Then this training is for you!

Traci Benson.jpg

A joyful investment in your body, mind and spirit!


January 5th - April 27th

Fridays: 8 AM - 6 PM

Every other Saturday: 1 PM -6 PM


Early Bird Option 1: Tuition is paid in full before Nov. 11th, 2023 $2,444

Early Bird Option 2: Deposit is paid before Nov. 11th, 2023 (Payment plan required) $2,555

Regular Tuition (Cost after Nov. 11th):   $2,888

Payment Plan Options available!

$333 Non-Refundable deposit to secure your space.

Pricing Includes

  • 200 HRS of Yoga Teacher Training

  • YTT Manual.

  • Educational Field Trips.

  • 15% Discounts on Divine Yoga Apparel & Special Events during training.

  • Unlimited Free Yoga at Divine Yoga Studio during training.


Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.

~Bhagavad Gita

Why Divine Yoga Studio Training?

We are a small, community based yoga studio with a mission to empower others to express their most authentic truth in the world through the transformative power of yoga. We believe that yoga has the capacity to deepen our connection with ourselves which thus has an impact in how we are able to show up in our communities. Change and healing in our world starts with each individual looking within and taking the brave and courageous act of sharing their unique gifts.


Our teachers are a collection of highly experienced individuals who in some shape or form, yoga has made an incredible impact on their lives. While we collectively unite in our faith and trust in Yoga’s capacity to heal and transform ourselves & the planet, each individual teacher comes from a unique lineage and background to offer a wider range of knowledge & experience to support you on your Yoga Teacher Training journey.


Our training provides a rich education that honors the lineage of Yoga through exploring the Eastern traditions and philosophy of Patanjali, while learning practical tools on how to apply them in our modern day world. These teachings are unified with other wisdom traditions and disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki/ energy work, Sound Healing, Shamanism, Neuroscience, and more.


Each day will begin with a 2 hour Sadhana and a restorative 1 hour practice at the end where we will have the opportunity to integrate these teachings through experience and memory. Each class will offer an exploration of Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, yogic philosophy, meditation, energy work, and other mind, body, spirit practices. The practice offers a holistic approach that connects the physical, emotional, energetic, intuitive, & spiritual layers of our being.


Students will leave with a foundational experience to feel more empowered to share the teachings of yoga with others and greater freedom to express their most authentic truth with the world.

Vinyasa Free-Tiffany.jpg

Students will graduate with skills to:

  • Offer safe alignment through a deep understanding of yoga poses

  • Teach a powerful, intelligent, and inspiring yoga classes

  • Safe and professional physical adjustments to support your students

  • Creative and purposeful sequencing

  • Deeper understanding of western Anatomy

  • Manage yourself as a yoga teacher & business and fill your classes

  • Practice yoga on & off the mat, enriching your lifestyle by applying yogic principles into your thoughts, words, actions and purpose in life.

Lead Instructors:

Nicole Lunt 

Ayesha Haskell

Instructors & Special Guests:

Ahlena Black

Traci Benson 

Rebecca Fronberg

Clytie Ames

Tiffany Olcott

Elise Allred

Angie Wheeler

Graham Davis

& Other Special Guests

What you will learn:




Learn the basics of safe and effective physical postures and transitions with in-depth study of asana. There will be time dedicated every day to asana practice and techniques where we break down the anatomical alignment, energetic actions, and modifications and variations in order to be able to better support all students.

Subtle Body.png


(breath work)

Study the science of breath and practice of ancient breathing techniques to strengthen your capacity to focus, calm your mind, and increase your energy.  These practices regulate  the nervous system and endocrine system while also strengthening the respiratory system and the circulatory system.



(Daily Spiritual Practice)

Develop a daily home practice and a deeper connection to the power of ritual, self care, and daily reflection.



Explore and practice the transformative power of Meditation. Together we will learn mindfulness meditation, mantra-meditation, visualizations, Patanjali’s Sutras on stilling the mind, Yoga Nidra, Mental Entrainment and other practices to begin to recognize the mental patterns and strengthen your relationship with your thoughts.



Examine the roots of where yoga comes from and how we can integrate these teachings into our modern, everyday lives.

Chanting Mantra.png

Chanting or

Learn the power and practice of vibration & sound.

Teaching Skills.png

Teaching Skills

Build confidence and empowerment as a yoga teacher. Master how to cue, sequence, & theme classes that support all student levels and all body types.


Subtle Body

Connect with the invisible energy that is within. We teach practices and offer theories that dive deep into the Koshas, Nadis, Chakras,-Vayus, Meridians, and Gunas.



The Science of Life. Learn how to connect with the rhythms of nature through food, diet, ritual, & lifestyle to bring balance into your every day.

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