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Meet The Team

Here at Divine yoga studios, we have a beautiful divine circle of amazing instructors. Our Instructors are trained in all types of yoga, and we feel we offer very unique and special classes in yoga, meditation, dance, barre classes, workshops, special events & retreats. Each instructor is highly qualified and truly gives so much attention to every detail. Each teacher will cater to all levels. They will modify for beginners and quite those advanced yogis to amplify their practice. Some of the instructors even incorporate Reiki energy healing during Savasana. We feel you will truly love the beautiful community we have created here. Come experience our sanctuary. 

Nicole Lunt (Founder)

The day I stepped on the Yoga Mat in 1985 at the University of Utah, I knew this was my destiny – I have been practicing Yoga for 35 years in all its forms. In 2016 I felt the calling to become a certified teacher, and I received my 200 RYT with Yoga Assets. I have been teaching Yoga for 6 years. During my training, I fell in love with the chakras & the beautiful, vital prana life force energy inside all of us – which led me to another passion ~ my Angel Reiki Energy Healing sessions – that I have been doing for 5 years. I am a Certified Holy Fire II Reiki Karuna Master & Usui Reiki Method Master – I also have received my Quantum-Touch Level 1 Healing Certification & Sound Healing Level 1 & 2. After discovering the healing benefits of essential oils, I became certified in Doterra’s Aromatouch Massage.

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Ayesha Haskell

I am a 500+ ERYT, YT Lead Trainer, Embodiment Coach, Possibility Practitioner, Earth Steward, Sacred Ritualist, outdoor adventurer & playful student of life! My journey has been a quest to know what existed beyond the conditioning that I was born into & a deep yearning to disrupt old, outdated, oppressive systems to create space for greater heart centered living. For the past 11 years I have studied International Studies, Social Justice, Permaculture, Women's Health & Womb Wisdom, Herbalism, Neurosculpting, Quantum Theory, Trauma Informed Practices, Somatics & Sacred Ceremony. I received my 200 HR YTT through Akhanda Shakti Yoga in Costa Rica & my 300 HR YTT through Akhanda Yoga in Rishikesh, India in 2017. I am currently in school to become a Clinical Somatic  Educator & Therapist.


Through my experiences I have grown a deep passion for supporting individuals to remember their wild, sacred connection to the Earth, reclaim the wisdom of their bodies, strengthen their confidence & live a life of their biggest, wildest dreams! I believe that is it through a mergence of science & sacred that we holistically expand our capacity to transform ourselves from the inside out. I believe that personal freedom is available through embodying the full spectrum of this human experience while simultaneously exploring the infinite realms of possibility, aligning our dreams, values & actions, and thus, positioning ourselves to be a source of greater impact in our collective.

And most of all, I believe in having fun as we learn to navigate this thing called life. Remembering to be silly, give ourselves permission to make mistakes, be ok with falling on our face with a knowing that each time we fall we get to pick ourselves back up stronger, wiser & with greater conviction of what matters most to us.

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Ahlena Black

Ahlena started practicing yoga at the age of 8 after being introduced to the practice by her Grandfather. She completed her 500 hr RYT certification in 2017 through Infusion Yoga and Pilates in Utah. She has gone on to receive training in Restorative Yoga through Judith Hansen Lasater as well. Ahlena loves the mind, body, spirit connection that is found in the practice of yoga through breathwork, quieting the mind, and moving the body. She brings a calming and joyful presence when she teaches and is so grateful for every student that comes to her classes.Ahlena is also a certified meditation teacher through the Dharana method and has been a practicing Foot Zone Therapist since 2018. Ahlena is the mother of five beautiful daughters and one son-in-law. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 22 years and loves to spend time with her family. Talking, traveling, eating, and reading are some of her favorite pastime

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Traci Benson

Hi there, I’m Traci, and I teach Relax & Restore at Divine Yoga Studios. 
I am continually inspired by yoga’s transformative power—both internally and externally. I’m committed to bringing a sense of freedom to my classes that will help you explore yourself whole self, appreciate your body, and honor your mind and soul.
I believe that conscious living is an ongoing personal journey and hope to help you develop a supportive practice in a peaceful space. My practice helps me still my mind, attend to my own needs, and simply makes me smile :)

My Fave’s...

Being with my family and great friends is the best thing about life and what I cherish most. I love to laugh and tease because life should light you up! 
I’m a sucker for Diet Coke & pink sugar cookies, humanitarian trips, podcasts on a hike, the feeling of the sun on my skin, volleyball, movies & popcorn, words strung together in interesting ways, old photo’s, a crackling fire, and looking up at the sky through leaves. 


Let’s practice together and explore this one miraculous life we’ve been gifted!

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Samantha Reich.jpeg

Samantha Reich

I believe that yoga is for everyone. I seek to inspire, guide, and serve yogis of all ages and abilities to develop a healthier mind, body, and spirit. I work hard to consistently be prepared, expand my practice and knowledge, and focus my intention in my own practice. I am currently completing a second 200-hour yoga training at Divine Yoga after finishing my first 200-hour training in 2022 at Root to Rise Yoga. Through my life experiences, I have learned that there is so much potential in each person and I want to help others see and tap into their potential. I am fascinated by the benefits of yoga– so don’t be surprised if you hear me talk about how yoga can improve our sleep, help us heal, decrease our stress, or how yoga makes us stronger.


If I’m not practicing yoga, you can usually find me with my family (including four grandkids!) and planning our next adventure, whether vacationing or being in the mountains hiking, birding, or mountain biking!

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Holly Ferguson

My love for yoga began ten years ago when I started to recognize my body trying to tell me something. I took many yoga classes before finally challenging myself to a 200-hour YTT course in 2018. To me, the beauty of yoga is what it is trying to teach. Rumi said, “I have been a seeker, and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” Learning to listen to my body is a lifelong journey that I am excited to share. I hope to help others find joy and knowledge through practiced engagement with their bodies.


I am grateful to be married to my husband, Cory, for almost 25 years! He has been very supportive and encouraging. We have three exceptional children who teach me so much about life and love. We enjoy spending time outdoors together, mostly hiking and gardening. We also enjoy the company of 1 dog, two goats, and 16 laying hens!

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Heidi has always been passionate about movement. When she realized a career

in classical ballet was not a sustainable lifestyle, she found yoga and fell in love.
Through 30+ years of practicing yoga, she has felt solace and strength in her life
in the times she needed it most and joy and calm each time she steps on her
mat. Yoga has supported her through all of the ups and downs of life.
Heidi loves sharing the magic of yoga! She believes yoga reinforces connection
within ourselves and with the universe. It allows mind, body, spirit, other beings,
the natural world, and our higher powers to meet as one. Yoga provides a
chance to check in with yourself, to communicate with your body, to find calm
through breath and mindfulness, to cultivate gratitude, and to leave class feeling
present, centered, and balanced.
Heidi strongly believes that experiences and knowledge gained on the mat
translate beautifully to the rest of life- yoga isn’t just an hour on a mat, it’s a way
of life.
A lover of winter, Heidi has taught skiing for 17 years. Most at home in nature
and with dogs, she loves hiking, biking, and spending time near water. She loves
adventuring with her husband and 2 daughters.
In her classes, Heidi guides you through finding your purpose in practice and
reaping the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits associated with yoga. She is
passionate about yoga and thinks the world would greatly benefit from everyone
practicing yoga!

 Heidi knudson .jpg

Tiffany Olcott

Tiffany has been a yoga practitioner for over ten years and received her teacher training certification through Scholé Yoga in July 2015. Tiffany is certified as a Reiki Level I practitioner, specializes in trauma-sensitive yoga, and has recently completed breathwork facilitator training. Tiffany’s passion is to share what has helped her heal. She enjoys hiking, camping, paddle boarding, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

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500hr RYT with 5+ years instructing yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and retreats. Joss loves helping others to explore ways to relax, connect, and find peace in everyday life.


She is heavily influenced by the cyclical patterns of the seasons, the beauty of nature, and methods of reducing symptoms of anxiety. 


Joss received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Cultural Anthropology. She is a co-founder of Community Well Utah, a new wellness rental space geared towards aiding marginalized individuals to grow their wellness businesses. She enjoys spending time in the mountains with her husband and 2 fluffy cats as well as getting crafty and creative.

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Jen Jones

Jen teaches Kundalini yoga and has come to love this powerful, spiritual, and life-changing yoga practice – having the opportunity to share it with others with love and humor is a profound blessing. 


She spent too much time and money during her younger years on formal, higher education.  She has a Juris Doctor but tries very hard not to use it.  She much prefers teaching yoga and meditation instead, and providing sound therapy with her Symphonic gong. 


She also trained as a foot zone practitioner, Reiki Master, and guided imagery facilitator, and has certifications in NLP, hypnosis and Mental Emotional Release.  Jen is always trying to learn something new.  She loves traveling, hiking, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving and generally any other expensive hobby.  

Jen Jones.JPG
Jen Jones
LIta 2.heic

Lita Silva

Lita has many roles in her life just as we all do. But the ones that influence her the most are: being a mother, a companion, a yogi, an educator, a lifelong student, a wellness and nature lover, an advocate for peace and equality and lastly but not least, a free spirit.


Lita studied Yoga at Infusion Yoga & Pilates in Bountiful, Utah and earned her 500 hour Yoga Teaching Certificate in 2014. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Lita studied Meditation at Dharana Method in Salt Lake City, Utah. She earned her 100 hour Meditation Teaching Certificate in 2018.


Lita’s own practice and ongoing training has provided her the spiritual guidance to find her authentic self, which radiates through her teachings.  In Lita’s classes you will focus on connecting breath to movement, discovering self awareness, finding inner peace, and bringing strength and flexibility to the mind and body. 


You can catch Lita every other Tuesday, 6:45-7:45 PM for Yin Yoga.

Shawna cox 2.heic
Shawna COx_edited.jpg

Shawna Cox

Power Yoga 

Shawna has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 20 years. She was a college athlete who experienced a career-ending injury that eventually led her to yoga. Yoga instantly challenged her in new ways and opened new doors to personal growth.  She immediately became an advocate for yoga in every circle she was a part of.  Shawna originally certified through Yogafit in 2000, which complemented her job fitness instructor, and later completed her 200 RYT through Yoga Assets in 2014. She has a deep love for yoga and a strong belief that it has something positive to offer every one. Over the years, Shawna has taught every level of yoga and has worked with children, seniors, recovering addicts, gym members, studio members, and athletes.


She is currently advancing her training in positive psychology, meditation instruction, and working towards her certification as a Foot Zone Practitioner.  Along with working as a yoga and fitness instructor, Shawna has spent the last 25 years remodeling homes, raising her busy family, and helping out as a high school track coach. Shawna loves all things that involve movement and the great outdoors. She has been married for 30 adventurous years, has six adored children, two fantastic in-laws, and 3 grand-babies.

Alison Calton.jpg

Alison Bean-Calton

Alison has been passionate about exercise & movement throughout her entire life as a dancer and athlete. She worked as an exercise physiologist and personal trainer for nearly 2 decades before making a transition to her other art based passion of interior design. 

A realization of energy flow sparked her desire to create space for all to invite that positive flow into their lives. 

She specializes in Feng Shui in her intentional, conscious design work in order to bring personal harmony of mind, body and soul to the spaces she creates. Her knowledge and journey with Feng Shui lead her to obtaining her Tai Chi certification in order to incorporate the same energy flow concepts within her own being. 

Alison has found solace through combining her love of movement, exercise & dance as well as awareness of Chi energy and loves sharing that with others. 

In her Tai Chi classes, Alison guides you through martial art based movements to invite and increase positive energy flow throughout the body. Through fluid movement, flexibility, strength and coordination are developed. Particular forms are performed for more efficient body system function. Most importantly, throughout all of it, we have a lot of fun!! 

Come flow together for more individual peace and clarity of mind as well as collective positive Chi with the world around you!! 

Alison Calton.jpg
marci Moir.png

Marci Moir

Flow Easy & Restore 

Marci has been practicing yoga since 2012 and immediately fell in love with the cleansing effect it had on body, spirit, and mind. Marci completed her yoga teacher training from Infusion Yoga and Pilates and has been eaching since 2018. Marci considers time on her mat as “play time” and loves finding new connections of body, mind and spirit. She is passionate about integrating her yoga practice into her life and relationships to deepen these connections. Marci loves being able to offer light, love and healing through the practice of yoga. 

Marci shares the journey of life with her

husband Jasen and their four kids.


Alyssa Amano 

I love going and I love doing. I have always been very active in sports and in life but I found yoga at a time in my life when I needed it the most. They say that everyone who finds yoga is healing something. I guess that’s how I got here too. It is my reminder to find balance, stay grounded, and be still. I love how it can bring us back home and to the present moment. I love the energy in yoga and the mind body connection. And now I have learned how much I love the connection I feel with others through this practice. I never imagined I would be teaching yoga but now here I am teaching yoga, come join me!


Alisha Posell

I discovered yoga during a time in my life when I was looking for peace and healing. I didn’t know at the time, but it was exactly what I needed. Throughout my yoga journey, I was able to heal, grow and truly find my power and authentic, true self. After practicing yoga for many years, I finally followed my dreams, and to become a certified yoga instructor and help others in such a way that yoga has helped me. 

My teaching style is rooted in Vinyasa flow, linking breath with movement, emphasizing the importance of alignment, breath awareness and mindfulness in my classes. My goal is to help students of all levels explore their practice, feel more connected to your body and cultivate inner peace. 

I believe that yoga is a powerful tool for self discovery, healing, and personal growth. It goes far beyond the physical postures and extends to all aspects of life. My teaching philosophy is centered on creating a safe and non-judgmental environment, where students can explore their inner selves, and find balance on and off the mat.

IMG_0414 2.HEIC

Robin Davis

Robin is a fervent yogi who sees the practice as a delightful adult recess from the demands of everyday life. Her unique approach to yoga is infused with a playful spirit & a hint of irreverence, offering an exhilarating challenge. Beyond her yoga mastery, Robin is a certified life coach with decades of deep study in the realm of the mind, understanding the intricate dance between thoughts, body, & spirit. She kicks off each session by tapping into the power of the mind & building physical strength through asanas to reach the spiritual dimensions of existenceMy teaching style is rooted in Vinyasa flow, linking breath with movement, emphasizing the importance of alignment, breath awareness and mindfulness in my classes. My goal is to help students of all levels explore their practice, feel more connected to your body and cultivate inner peace. 

I believe that yoga is a powerful tool for self discovery, healing, and personal growth. It goes far beyond the physical postures and extends to all aspects of life. My teaching philosophy is centered on creating a safe and non-judgmental environment, where students can explore their inner selves, and find balance on and off the mat.


Jana Dodenbier

Jana started her yoga practice 23 years ago, while living in Boston as a nanny.  Having grown up as a gymnast, handstanding, flipping and arm balancing her way through most of her childhood, yoga felt pretty natural to her from the beginning.  She spent her time trying a variety of styles over the next several years, eventually finding her passion in Power Yoga.  Wanting to share that passion and love for yoga with others, she chose to get certified through YogaFit 13 years ago and has been teaching ever since.  Finding deep satisfaction in helping others realize their own potential and reaching their goals throughout their own individual yoga journey.  


Her connection with her students is something she places a lot of value in.  She connects with them on a personal level and celebrates their successes both on and off the mat.  To her, life is all about connecting with others and yoga has been an incredible space to provide several opportunities for that.  Her practice is led with a focus on strength, flexibility, movement and self awareness through both the mind and body.  She provides a physical workout that students of all levels can enjoy. 


Aside from yoga, she is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and often seeks out new and exciting adventures but her favorites are wakeboarding, surfing, snow skiing, hiking, traveling, spending time with her family and raising 4 pretty incredible humans!

I believe that yoga is a powerful tool for self discovery, healing, and personal growth. It goes far beyond the physical postures and extends to all aspects of life. My teaching philosophy is centered on creating a safe and non-judgmental environment, where students can explore their inner selves, and find balance on and off the mat.


Graham Davis

Graham Phillips Davis is a 500 HR Yoga Instructor as well as a Certified Rolfer and Licensed Massage Therapist. 


Graham grew up in Eden, UT and now lives in Roy with his partner Caden and cat Kabocha Pumpkin! 


Graham first practiced hot yoga (26 + 2) and received his 200 and 300 HR with Yoga Assets in 2016 where he met Nicole the owner of Divine Yoga and have been friends ever since!


Graham has also studied Mat and Reformer Pilates and brings these principles of lighting up the core into his Vinyasa classes!

119_0061 (1)_edited.jpg

McKell Johnson

McKell's journey into the world of yoga began at the tender age of 14, marking the start of a lifelong passion for holistic well-being and self-discovery. She achieved a bachelor's degree in marketing at Utah State University in 2019 and currently leads a tech company's social media & community team.

As the years unfolded, her draw and commitment to yoga deepened, leading her to pursue a 200-hour teacher training certification at the Hawaii Yoga Institute on the beautiful island of Oahu.

Specializing in Vinyasa and Yin yoga, her classes offer a blend of flowing sequences and restorative practices, creating a well-rounded experience. Her teaching philosophy extends beyond the physical aspects of yoga, aiming to inspire mindfulness, resilience, and a connection with one's inner self.

Beyond the mat, she's an avid traveler and food enthusiast. Her holistic approach to life extends beyond the yoga studio, allowing her to share her love for exploration, culinary experiences, and the joy of discovering new interests with her students.

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BreAnn Clark

BreAnn Clark has been Pilates certified for 10 years.   She has taught Pilates in group settings. She is a hands-on teacher.  Her intent is to help your body work better for you by strengthening and stretching through Pilates.   She is a Pilates rehab specialist.  Helping people heal in their bodies through her experience and hands-on approach. She has recently moved from Idaho and is excited to start a new adventure here in Utah teaching Pilates. She is also sound bath certified.  She is excited to learn, grow, and share her love with divine yoga.


Julieanne Stagge

Julieanne has been teaching yoga for 7 years, including restorative, vinyasa, power & chair yoga. No matter the style, Julieanne’s overall theme for all her classes is to come as you are, & to focus less on how your yoga looks & more on how it feels! She also has a background in trauma informed yoga & wants her classes to be a safe space for people to come rest & relax. 


In addition to teaching yoga, Julieanne has been facilitating sound baths, full moon events, burning ceremonies, journaling & special gatherings & circles for the last 4 years.


Lastly, Julieanne has been practicing yoga for the last 15 years & received her 200hr YTT back in 2015 at The Yoga Loft at The Front. She has been teaching ever since & is also a forever student! She can’t wait to see you on the mat.



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